Advanced Studies:
Euro-Tbilisi Mathematical Journal
ISSN Online
2667 - 9930

Special issue on
Dedicated to the memory of Roin Nadiradze

Lead Editor – Malkhaz Bakuradze

Editor: Victor M. Buchstaber

Guest Editors:
Nigel Ray and Vladimir V. Vershinin

  1. On mathematical work by Roin Nadiradze
    Malkhaz Bakuradze1 and Vladimir Vershinin2
    Abstract | PDF |
  2. Notes on Chow rings of flag varieties G/B and classifying spaces BG
    N. Yagita
    Abstract | PDF |
  3. On Schwarz genus, Lusternik–Schnirelmann category, and topological complexity
    Yu. B. Rudyak
    Abstract | PDF |
  4. On geometric structure of phase portraits of some piecewise linear dynamical systems
    V. P. Golubyatnikov, L. S. Minushkina
    Abstract | PDF |
  5. On the Burau representation of B4 modulo p
    A. Beridze, S. Bigelow, P. Traczyk
    Abstract | PDF |
  6. Strong shape theory of continuous maps
    V. Baladze, A. Beridze, R. Tsinaridze
    Abstract | PDF |
  7. On nilpotent and solvable MR-groups
    M. Amaglobeli
    Abstract | PDF |
  8. On the mod-2 cohomology of some 2-Postnikov towers
    N. Thố Cường, L. Schwartz
    Abstract | PDF |