Advanced Studies:
Euro-Tbilisi Mathematical Journal
E-ISSN: 2667 - 9930

Volume 16, No 1 (2023)

  1. Maximum fractional forcing number of the powers of even cycles
    J. B. Ebrahimi, S. Karimy, Sh. Ranjbarzadeh
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  2. Affine invariants of an immersion of a topological space in the n-dimensional real vector space
    D. Khadjiev, Sh. Ayupov, İ. Ören
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  3. Two-weight inequalities for Riesz potential and its commutators on weighted global Morrey-type spaces GMωp,θ,φ(ℝn)
    C. Avsar, C. Aykol, J. J. Hasanov, A. M. Musayev
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  4. On a certain subclass of analytic functions defined by a differential operator
    B. Venkateswarlu, P. Thirupathi Reddy, Chao Meng, G. Swapna
    Abstract | PDF |
  5. Existence and decay for the logarithmic Lamé system with internal distributed dela
    E. Pişkin, E. Sancar
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  6. On summability of sequences of sets by Cesàro submethod
    Ş. Sezgek, İ. Dağadur
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  7. Polynilpotent capability of a pair of Lie algebras
    H. Arabyani
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  8. Numerical and theoretical analysis for fixed points for solving differential equation with retarded argument using an efficient iterative method
    A. Mushtaq, K. Moinuddin, N. Sharma, V. N. Mishra
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  9. Uniqueness of the solution to the inverse problem of scattering theory for spectral parameter polynomially dependent Klein-Gordon s-wave equation
    E. K. Arpat, N. Yokus
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