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Volume 4 (2009), No. 1

1. Reparametrizations with given stop data

Martin Raussen, 1-5

2. Nonisomorphic Verdier octahedra on the same base

Matthias Künzer, 7-38

3. Cobordism category of plumbed 3-manifolds and intersection product structures

Yoshihiro Fukumoto, 39-68

4. On the classification of unstable $H^{\ast}V-A$-modules

Dorra Bourguiba, 69-82

5. Particle configurations and Coxeter operads

Suzanne M. Armstrong, Michael Carr, Satyan L. Devadoss, Eric Engler, Ananda Leininger, Michael Manapat, 83-109

6. Rational self-homotopy equivalences and Whitehead exact sequence

Mahmoud Benkhalifa, 111-121

7. OCHA and the swiss-cheese operad

Eduardo Hoefel, 123-151

8. The transfer in mod-p group cohomology between \Sigma_p \int \Sigma_{p^{n-1}}, \Sigma_{p^{n-1}} \int \Sigma_p and \Sigma_{p^n}

Nondas E. Kechagias, 153-179

9. Reidemeister torsion and analytic torsion of spheres

Thiago de Melo and Mauro Spreafico, 181-185

10. Parallel Transport and Functors

Urs Schreiber and Konrad Waldorf, 187-244

11. On The Cofibrant Generation Of Model Categories

George Raptis, 245-253

12. Ensembles simpliciaux règuliers

Michel Zisman, 255-264

13. Popaths and Holinks

David A. Miller, 265-273

14. On Homotopy Invariance for Algebras over Colored PROPs

Mark W. Johnson and Donald Yau, 275-315

15. Embedding the flag representation in divided powers

Geoffrey M.L. Powell, 317-330

16. Homotopy classification of maps into homogeneous spaces

Sergiy Koshkin, 331-346

17. On the homotopy classification of maps

Samson Saneblidze, 347-357

18. The fundamental category of a stratified space

Jon Woolf, 359-387

19. Double Bicategories and Double Cospans

Jeffrey C. Morton, 389-428

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