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Refereeing process to be used by the Editorial Board

Papers may be submitted to any Editor, to the Managing Editor and to the Editor-in-Chief. An Editor may submit a paper for JHRS to another Editor where it will obtain the usual refereeing process.

Papers must be submitted using the TCMS submission system. New submissions go simultaneously to the Managing Committee and to the receiving editor chosen by the author(s). The details of the paper and its electronic location are entered in the Editorial Log of JHRS which is accessible to all members of the editorial board.

When an article is received, reply to the author(s) to let know that the article has been received. That acknowledgment should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief including author(s) name(s), electronic and postal addresses, title of the paper and date received.

The Editor-in-Chief and the Managing Editors are responsible for all administrative matters, especially: communication with authors and editors, matters of appearance, electronic storage, file handling.

The Editor is responsible for finding referees (insisting on 2 referees as appropriate) and for making decision on acceptance or rejection based on these reports. Referee's name(s) are communicated to the Managing Editor or to the Editor-in-Chief by the receiving Editor.

Referee's reports will be kept by the receiving Editor who will provide a copy to the author(s). Summaries of reports or comments on them are sent to the Editor-in-Chief for filing.

The recommendation on acceptance or rejection is communicated by the responsible editor to the Managing Committee consisting of the Editor-in-Chief and the Managing Editors. After a positive decision the entire editorial board is informed about recommended papers for publication and provided with the abstracts of these papers. A pdf file of a recommended paper can be sent to an editor upon request and the Managing Committee will then solicit comments within a period of two weeks. If there is no objections by the editors, the Editor-in-Chief will inform the responsible editor that the paper has been accepted. The decision on rejection will then be communicated by the responsible editor to the author.

After final checking by the receiving Editor the revised version (TeX/LaTex files) of accepted papers are sent to the Editor-in-Chief at hvedri@rmi.acnet.ge or inassari@gmail.com by the author(s).

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