Advanced Studies:
Euro-Tbilisi Mathematical Journal
ISSN Online
2667 - 9930

9. Special issue on
Cohomology, Geometry, Explicit Number Theory

Lead Editor : Graham Ellis

Guest Editors: Philippe Elbaz-Vincent, Paul Gunnells, Mehmet Haluk Sengun

  1. Introductory computations in the cohomology of arithmetic groups
    Graham Ellis
    Abstract | PDF |
  2. Perfect forms over imaginary quadratic fields
    K. Scheckelhoff, K. Thalagoda, D. Yasaki
    Abstract | PDF |
  3. Computing the homology of SL3(Z) with infinite-dimensional coefficient modules
    A. Ash, D. Pollack
    Abstract | PDF |
  4. Computing Hecke operators for arithmetic subgroups of Sp 4
    D. Galt, M. McConnell
    Abstract | PDF |
  5. The isomorphism problem: from lattices to graphs
    T. Camus
    Abstract | PDF |
  6. An introduction to torsion subcomplex reduction
    A. D. Rahm
    Abstract | PDF |
  7. Can we compute denominators of Eisenstein classes?
    G. Harder
    Abstract | PDF |