Advanced Studies:
Euro-Tbilisi Mathematical Journal
ISSN Online
2667 - 9930

Special issue on
Homotopy Theory, Spectra and Structured Ring Spectra

Lead Editor – John Harper

Guest Editors:
Gregory Arone, David Barnes,
Mark Behrens, Kathryn Lesh, Cary Malkiewich,
Dan Ramras, Kirsten Wickelgren

  1. Fibration theorems for TQ-completion of structured ring spectra
    N. Schonsheck
    Abstract | PDF |
  2. Equivariant homotopy commutativity for G = Cpqr
    S. Balchin, D. Bearup, C. Pech, C. Roitzheim
    Abstract | PDF |
  3. Power operations in K-theory completed at a prime
    A. Baker
    Abstract | PDF |
  4. An alternative approach to equivariant stable homotopy theory
    M. Hovey, D. White
    Abstract | PDF |
  5. Right Bousfield localization and operadic algebras
    D. White, D. Yau
    Abstract | PDF |
  6. On the Goodwillie derivatives of the identity in structured ring spectra
    D. A. Clark
    Abstract | PDF |
  7. Homotopies of maps of suspended quaternionic projective spaces and their cohomotopy groups
    M. Golasinski, T. de Melo, E. L. dos Santos
    Abstract | PDF |
  8. The Mahowald operator in the cohomology of the Steenrod algebra
    D. C. Isaksen
    Abstract | PDF |