Kurdiani Revaz

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Kurdiani Revaz
+995 577 790069 (mobile)
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Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, State University of Tbilisi, Georgia
Lie triple system central extensions of Lie algebras. Preprint, arXiv:1010.1760. Hochschild cohomology and higher order extensions of associative algebras. Proceeding of the international conference “Geometric Topology, Discrete Geometry and Set Theory”, centenary of L.V.Keldysh, Moscow 24-28 August 2004, Trudy Matematicheskogo instituta imeni V.A.Steklova, 252, 2006; English translation in Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, 252, pp. 138-145, 2006. Hochschild cohomology and extensions (Russian). Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 60(5), pp. 169-170, 2005; English translation in Russian Math. Surveys, 60(5), pp. 975-976, 2005 Cohomology of A(infinity)-algebras. PhD Thesis, University of Aberdeen, 2005. A Leibniz algebra structure on the second tensor power. (with T. Pirashvili) J. Lie Theory, 12(2), pp. 583-596, 2002 Non-abelian tensor product of restricted Lie algebras. Bull. Georgian Acad. Sci., 164(1), pp. 32-34, 2001 Cohomology of Lie algebras in the tensor category of linear maps. Comm. Algebra, 27(10), pp. 5033-5048, 1999 Universal central extensions of restricted Lie algebras. Proc. A. Razmadze Math. Inst., 121, pp. 71-87, 1999
Conferences,contacts,other scientific and educational activities
Universal central extensions of restricted Lie algebras Homotopical Algebra, Strasbourg, 25-28 March, 1999 Non-abelian tensor product of restricted Lie algebras Homological and Homotopical Algebra, Tbilisi, 12-16 June, 2000 Non-abelian tensor and exterior products of restricted Lie algebras 3rd European Congress of Mathematics, Barcelona, 10-14 July, 2000 Structure of Leibniz algebra on second tensor power TTT41, Manchester, 20 October, 2003 Cohomology of A(infinity)-algebras Geometric Topology, Discrete Geometry and Set Theory, Moscow, 24-28 August, 2004 Cohomology of A(infinity)-algebras Algebraic Models of Topological Spaces and Fibrations, Tbilisi, 13-18 September, 2004
Participation in Grant Projects
1995 ISF award for Students 1997-1999 INTAS grant – 93-2618-Ext 1998 ISF award for PhD Students 1998-2001 TMR network, K-theory and algebraic groups, ERB FMRX CT-97-0107 1999-2001 INTAS Georgia 213 2000 Euler award of German mathematical union 2000-2002 Award of president of Georgia 2000-2003 Grant of Georgian Academy of Sciences 2002-2005 Grant and Scholarship of University of Aberdeen 2009-2011 GNSF grant
Georgian, English, Russian
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Homological algebra
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Theoretical Foundations in Mathematics