Aims of Tbilisi Centre for Mathematical Sciences

  • Providing support for further increase of knowledge and experience in all major areas of mathematical sciences in Georgia.
  • Active participation in current research and development of mathematical sciences in Georgia.
  • Coordination of positive interaction between researchers in existing scientific institutions and universities through various original publications, their translation, publishing and distribution.
  • Arrangement and organization of seminars, conferences, symposia, public discussions on various topics of mathematical sciences.
  • Supporting education of gifted new generation scientists. Encouragement of early stage research in students.
  • Financing further promotion of achievements of the research performed by members of the TCMS.
  • Edition of textbooks, monographs, journals, bulletins, methodic materials in areas of fundamental and applied mathematics and in computational sciences as well, in education and technology.
  • Aid in obtaining governmental and international research grants, participation in tenders and competitions, search and distribution of private donations and investment in science.
  • Establishing contact with international scientific centers and institutions for organization of joint scientific research.
  • Stimulating interest of private business for investment and promotion of scientific research.
  • Attract scientists from abroad for the realization of TCMS aims.
  • TCMS may participate in arbitrary business activity which does not oppose Georgian law and TCMS principles, to directly and/or indirectly serve realization of aims of the TCMS.
  • Income from business activities of the TCMS can only be used to aid achievement of goals of the TCMS