Kilosanidze Barbara

Full Name
Kilosanidze Barbara
Optics Research Laboratory Institute of Cybernetics Sandro Euli str. 5 0186 Tbilisi, Georgia
(995 32) 931125, (995 93) 306693
(995 32) 305931
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Date Of Birth
B.A.& MS, Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, 1973 PhD, Tbilisi State University, 1997
Present – The Institute of Cybernetics, Coherent Optics and Electronics Department, Polarization Holography group (scientific head); Optical Society of America (OSA member) SPIE Holography Technical Group (member}
List of selected main publications during the last 10 years: 1. Sh.Kakichashvili, B.Kilosanidze “The regularity of Veigert-effect at partial polarization of induced light” – Letters to the Journal of Technical Physics. 1995. Vol.21. No.23. P.6-9 (in russian). 2. Sh.Kakichashvili, B.Kilosanidze “On the modification of Kirchhoff scalar diffraction integral” – Letters to the Journal of Technical Physics. 1997. Vol.23. No.14. P.21-24(in russian). 3. Sh.Kakichashvili, B.Kilosanidze “The modification of polarization holographic method for partial polarization of field of electromagnetic waves” – Journal of Technical Physics.1997. Vol.67. No.6.P.136-139(in russian). 4. B.Kilosanidze “On the polarization recording of hologram at partial polarization of induced radiation”. – Letters to the Journal of Technical Physics., 1997, vol. 23, № 3, p. 38 – 42(in russian). 5. Sh.Kakichashvili, B.Kilosanidze “Polarization holographic memory of superhigh capacity” – Optical Journal. 1997. Vol.64. No.4. P.64-66(in russian). 6. B.Kilosanidze, Sh.Kakichashvili “The recognition device on the basis of vectorial Fourie analysis of transparent objects of arbitrary type” – Optical Journal. 1997. Vol.64. No.4. P.67-69 (in russian). 7. B.Kilosanidze, E.Kakichashvili “On the theory of spatio-temporal polarization holography” – Journal of Technical Physics. 2000. Vol.70. No.7. P.65-69(in russian). 8. Kakichashvili Sh., Kilosanidze B. “Polarization Holographic Memory of Superhigh Capacity” – Proceedings, Institute of Cybernetics, 2000, vol. 1, No. 1 – 2, p. 201 – 204 9. Kakichashvili Sh., Kilosanidze B. “Polarization Holographic Data Storage”. – SPIE Proceedings, 2001, vol.4342, p.607-612. 10. Kilosanidze B., Kakauridze G. “On the model consideration of photoanisotropy in media with dark relaxation” – Bulletin of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, 2004, vol. 169, # 2, pp. 282-286. 11. Kakauridze G., Kilosanidze B., Petrova S., Shaverdova V. “Photoanisotropy in relaxing media on the basis of asodye Dimethyl-Yellow” – Bulletin of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, 2004, vol. 170, # 2, pp.249-252. 12. Kilosanidze B., Kakauridze G. “Dynamic polarization-holographic gratings” – Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 5742 Practical Holography XIX: Materials and Applications, 2005, Summary Digest, p. 19. 13. Kilosanidze B., Kakauridze G. “Relaxing photoanisotropic media for dynamic polarization holography” – SPIE Proceedings, 2005, vol. 5742, p. 224-233. 14. Kakauridze G., Kilosanidze B. “Polarization-holographic gratings that form the linear polarized diffraction orders” – Journal of Optical Technology”, 2006, vol.73, # 3, pp. 45-50.
Conferences,contacts,other scientific and educational activities
Conference of FSU and Baltic countries “Holography-96”, 1996, St.-Petersburg, Russia Sixth Annual Conference “Georgian Crossroads: Politics, Economy, Business”, 2003, Palo Alto, CA, USA; Conference “Practical Holography XIX: Materials and Applications”, part of the International Symposium on Integrated Optoelectronic Devices 2005 at SPIE’s Photonics West , 2005, San Jose, CA USA (2 reports); CRDF and GRDF Science&Technology Entrepreneurship I Workshop, Tbilisi, Georgia, February 21, 2005; CRDF and GRDF Science&Technology Entrepreneurship II Workshop, Tbilisi, Georgia, June 2, 2005; CRDF and GRDF Science&Technology Entrepreneurship III Workshop, Tbilisi, Georgia, October 25, 2005; First Seminar of Lasers and Applications: SILA2005, 2005, Constantine, Algeria. Conference “Photonics-2005”, Tbilisi, 2005.
Participation in Grant Projects
1987 – 1988: of Military-Industrial Complex of USSR (5 grants participant) 1993: Soros Foundation Individual Grant 1994 – 1996: Soros Foundation Grant LC3000/LC3200 2002 – 2005: 5 Grants of Georgian Academy of Sciences (3 Grants leader) 2006 –2007: CRDF Grant BPP-01/06
Georgian, Russian, English
Scientific interests
the theory of polarization holography; the regularity of interaction of electromagnetic field with material (Veigert-effect); dynamic polarization holography; polarization holographic memory; polarization-holographic methods of recognition and processing of optical information; polarization holographic elements; image holography.
Current scientific activities
1. Polarization holographic gratings 2. Dynamic polarization holography 3. Polarization-sensitive materials 4. Polarization-holographic security system
Future work plans
1. Optical Devices on the basis of Polarization holographic gratings. 2. Polarization-holographic security system. 3. Application of the methods of polarization holography for study of astronomical objects 4. Dynamic polarization holography
Computational Sciences