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Editors' Interests

  • Claude Cibils
    Hochschild (co)homology, representations of quantum groups, and associative algebras.
  • Frederick Cohen
    Algebraic topology, group theory, surface theory, cohomology of groups, applications to physics.
  • Guillermo Cortinas
    K-theory, cyclic homology, noncommutative geometry.
  • Diarmuid Crowley
    Differential topology and Algebraic topology; the surgery classification of manifolds. Especially 7- manifolds and G2-structures, almost contact structures, embddings in co-dimension > 3, mapping class groups in high dimensions and exotic spheres and the Gromoll filtration.
  • Christopher Douglas
    Algebraic and geometric topology
  • Bjorn Ian Dundas
    Stable equivariant homotopy theory, algebraic K-theory, homotopy type theory
  • Peter Eccles
    Homotopy theory, cobordism theory and relationship between them.
  • Graham Ellis
    Homological and homotopical algebra.
  • Benson Farb
    Geometric topology, group actions, discrete subgroups of Lie groups.
  • Marino Gran
    Categorical algebra, Galois theory, universal algebra.
  • Joseph Gubeladze
    Homological and K-theoretic aspects of toric varieties and polytopes
  • Jens Hornbostel
    Motivic homotopy theory, algebraic K-theory, stable homotopy theory.
  • Johannes Huebschmann
    Homological algebra, algebraic topology, topological methods in physics.
  • Hvedri Inassaridze
    K-theory, homological and homotopical algebra, noncommutative geometry.
  • Nick Inassaridze
    Homological and homotopical algebra, cyclic homology.
  • Stefan Jackowski
    Homotopy theory, classifying spaces, group actions, homological algebra, relationships and applications across various fields of algebra and topology.
  • George Janelidze
    Category theory, homological algebra, Galois theory.
  • Tyler Lawson
    Stable homotopy theory.
  • Haynes Miller
    Homotopy theory, relation between elliptic curves and homotopy theory, the Steenrod algebra, the homotopy theory of Lie groups.
  • Ralf Meyer
    K-theory and bivariant K-theory, non-commutative geometry, cyclic homology, homological algebra.
  • Krzysztof Pawałowski
    Transformation groups, more specifically, group actions on manifolds.
  • Tim Porter
    Algebraic homotopy, homotopy coherence, strong shape theory and proper homotopy theory, global actions, groupoid atlases, abstract homotopy theory.
  • Geoffrey Powell
    Unstable and stable homotopy theory; (un)stable modules over the Steenrod algebra; (co)homology operations; functor categories; homotopical and derived geometry.
  • Stewart Priddy
    Stable homotopy theory.
  • Martin Raussen
    Applications of homotopy theory in computer science.
  • Ulf Rehmann
    Linear algebraic groups and related structures.
  • Emily Riehl
    Category theory, homotopy theory, Homotopy type theory.
  • Jonathan Rosenberg
    Topology and geometry of manifolds, index theory, noncommutative geometry.
  • Jiri Rosicky
    Category theory, homotopy theories, homotopy categories.
  • Thomas Schick
    Geometric topology, K-theory in particular of operator algebras.
  • Ross Staffeldt
    Algebraic topology, algebraic K-theory.
  • James Stasheff
    Higher homotopy algebra, operads, cohomological physics, homotopical physics.
  • Ross Street
    Enriched category theory, higher-dimensional category theory.
  • Vladimir Vershinin
    Homotopy properties of configuration spaces, Adams-Novikov spectral sequence, cobordism.
  • Gabriele Vezzosi
    Algebraic Geometry, Derived Algebraic Geometry, Higher Categories.
  • Christian Voigt
    Operator K-theory, Hochschild and cyclic homology, Hopf algebras, quantum groups
  • Charles Weibel
    Algebraic K-theory, motivic cohomology, cyclic homology, algebraic geometry, homological algebra.
  • Craig Westerland
    Stable and chromatic homotopy theory, homotopy theory of configuration and moduli spaces, and homotopy theoretic techniques in arithmetic geometry.
  • Simon Willerton
    Magnitude of metric spaces, topological quantum field theory, category theory.
  • Steven Weintraub
    Differential topology, algebraic geometry.
  • Scott O. Wilson
    Geometry and topology of manifolds, homotopy algebra, differential cohomology.
  • W.Stephen Wilson
    Algebraic topology, homotopy theory, complex cobordism, Brown-Peterson homology, Morava K-theory.

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