Name Scientific Interests
Algebraic topology, generalized (co)homology, stable transfer map, formal group law, characteristic classes.
Functional analysis and functional theory, geometry of Banach spaces, Probability theory, Gaussian measures, Kolmogorov?s conjecture and the rearrangement problem in probability, optimal locations and Inner-products.
Category theory, homotopy theory, representation theory.
Category Theory, Homological Algebra, Homotopical Algebra, Universal Algebras
ასიმეტრიული ტოპოლოგია და მისი გამოყენებები.
Homological and homotopical algebra, K-theory
Uni cation, rule-based programming, logic programming, lambda calculus, functional programming, rewriting, recursive function theory, formal languages.
: Harmonic Analysis, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Spectral Factorization
Homological and homotopical algebra, K-theory, non-commutative geometry, category theory, algebraic topology.
homological and homotopical algebra, K-theory, cyclic homology, algebraic topology.
Category theory, Galois theory, homological algebra
Mathematical physics
Homological and homotopical algebra, cyclic homology, algebraic topology, category theory.
Homological algebra
Probability theory, functional analysis
Lie algebras and groups, geometric algebra, lattice theory
Category Theory
Recursion Theory, Mathematical Logic, Set Theory, Lattice Theory, Universal Algebra
Category Theory
Homological algebra
Homological Algebra, K-Theory, Identities in free objects.
Homological algebra, applied mathematics
Geometry, topology
Probability theory, statistics, functional analysis
Category Theory(Descent Theory, General Category Theory), Universal Algebra, General Topology, Mathematical Modeling
Game Programming NetWork Programming Multimedia Programming System Programming Base Programming
Web Programming DataBase Programming
Computer Science
Homological algebra, applied mathematics