Families of exact solutions of Biswas-Milovic equation by an exponential rational function method

B. Ghanbari, M. Inc, A. Yusuf, D. Baleanu, M. Bayram

In this paper, we introduce generalized exponential rational function method (GERFM) to obtain an exact solutions for the Biswas-Milovic (BM) equation with quadratic-cubic and parabolic nonlinearities. A wide range of closed solutions are acquired. The most important feature of the new method is that it is very effective and simple. The main merits of the proposed is that it gives more general solutions with some free parameters and can be applied to other types of nonlinear partial differential equations.Some interesting Figures for the physical features of some of the obtained solutions are also presented.

Tbilisi Mathematical Journal, Vol. 13(2) (2020), pp. 39-65