Tbilisi Journal of Computer Science and Mathematics
ISSN: 2587-5493

Tbilisi Journal of Computer Science and Mathematics (TJCSM) is an open access, fully referred international journal, aimed to publish original research articles on theoretical foundations in all areas of computer science, and on practical techniques for their implementation and applications. Namely, TJCSM is focused on the following areas of computer science and applied mathematics:

Cryptology, Information and Coding Theory, Signal and Image Processing, Data Mining, Probabilistic Reasoning, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, mathematical and physical aspects of Quantum Computing, all aspects of Applied Mathematics, Applications of methods, techniques and ideas from Logic, Algebra, Geometry and Category Theory to Theoretical Computer Science.

Papers should satisfy high standards and only works of high quality will be recommended for publication. The management committee may occasionally decide to invite the submission of survey and expository papers of the high quality having a broad interest in the computer scientific and applied mathematical societies. Unsolicited submissions of survey and expository papers will not be considered for publication.